A brief look into someone’s refrigerator can tell us greatly about the eating habits of the person. Although everyone’s refrigerator contains different ingredients and foot items yet there are certain ingredients which are common to all fridge. Apple cider is one such ingredient which can be found commonly in households which has several health benefits and is also an active ingredient for the home beauty sessions.

does apple cider vinegar go bad

The magic ingredient

Apple cider is a wondrous ingredient that made its way in our kitchen a long time back. The vinegar is prepared by the process of fermentation. The apple juice is fermented with the help of the bacteria and then with yeast. This turns the juice into alcohol and then it is fermented again with the help of bacteria that form acetic acid and that is how the juice turns into vinegar. The vinegar is used by people all around the world for many centuries and has been clinically proven to ensure the health benefits. The cider is quite beneficial for it is low in calories and is therefore preferred by the weight watchers. Read on the article to find out does apple cider vinegar go bad.

The cider is highly acidic in nature and is, therefore, effective for treating fungal infections and wounds. Apart from that, if you are suffering from diabetes, the cider can be quite useful in treating the problem. Studies have shown that the cider can control and regulate the level of sugar in the body. Apart from that, the vinegar is also a sure shot solution for treating the weight issues. With regular consumption, you can lose your belly fat without making any stressful changes in your diet.

The shelf life of the cider

The cider is acidic in nature and therefore care must be taken to store it properly. Although the shelf life of the vinegar is absolutely uncertain yet it is important that you must pay proper attention to store the vinegar. The acid which is present inside the vinegar is something that will help it to sustain for years to go. Yet, if you are not careful while making necessary arrangements for its storage, the vinegar might attract fungus and get damaged instantly. It is for this reason that the cider must be carefully placed in a secured location.

Reasons for damage of the cider

Sometimes, you will notice that the vinegar becomes unfit for consumption and you are not able to figure out the reason. Well, if you are wondering and looking for the answer to the question ‘does apple cider vinegar go bad’ or what are the probable reasons for spoilage of the cider, then we are here with all the right answers. Although the cider comes with an uncertain shelf life owing to the acidic content of the ingredient, yet there are quite a few reasons which can be the root cause of spoilage of the cider vinegar. If the bottle contains contaminants, they are likely to react with the acid in the cider and damage it. Similarly, sometimes the container is not airtight or has slight pore or hole in it because of which the vinegar gets damaged. The taste of the vinegar changes as time increases. If you are comfortable with the changes in taste, the vinegar can be used for a pretty long time. If you wish to have your cider vinegar checked for damage, look at the liquid or taste the cider.

Thus, we hope to have answered the basic question that does apple cider vinegar go bad. Now go on and purchase it without any fear.