fat kid foods

There is a constant increase in the oversize of the kids. Mostly the parents are giving up the practice of homemade foods which is ultimately leading to the oversize of the children. Parents are ignoring the importance of homemade food due to which children are increasing their weight and also becoming lazy. The children are progressively increasing their weight and this is making them unfit and lethargic. There are various types of foods which make a child healthy and also which help in becoming a child a little healthy. There are different foods which are present in the market for the children and the parents buy them either for increasing the weights of the child or reducing it. There are also different companies which provide fat food kids and this helps the parents to a great extent.

There are companies which offer such types of food and this is available online and also on the stores with the help of which it becomes easy for the parents to find the food for their child. There are food shops also available nearby which helps the parents to a great extent.

fat present in the foods

Functions of the fat present in the foods:

  • Appearance o the food: the appearance of the food is changed completely because of the fat present in it. There is a glossy texture in the food in which there is fat. The fatty substance in the food items gives them a golden brown colour and makes the food appealing.
  • Emulsions: the fat is emulsified and it gives a unique colour and texture. Emulsions are done so as to disperse the oil into the water or vice versa. The food products like salad dressings, gravies, mayonnaise, and cheeses sauces also emulsify.
  • Flavour: it is a unique quality of fats that the flavours are absorbed and preserved completely in the food. Herbs and spices are infused with different types of oils so that they can be preserved for a long period of time. Fat completely enhances the taste of the food that is consumed by the people and also alters the experience of the flavour.
  • Transfer of heat: fats are a very good medium to transfer the heat to the foods. The hot oil is capable of providing the heat to the food without overheating it and also facilitates the formation of a crust on the food.
  • Melting point: a melting point is basically a temperature at which a substance converts from a solid to a liquid. The low melting point present in the oils makes it easy to be in a liquid state in a room temperature. There are fats which can be solid at room temperature and liquid at room temperature and are to be used in the same state.
  • Nutrition: fats are rich in calorie and are a great source of providing calories as and when needed.

Thus fat food kids are provided to children either to increase the weight or prevented from them.