If you are experiencing a sudden rush in your heart beats and it is getting difficult for you to reach your breath then you must go and take a proper medication along with a genuine treatment, the reason being it can be a symptom regarding panic attack or heart disorder. Generally, after going through such event people start thinking as if it was a panic attack and they might get that again but it can’t be like that always, there can be many outcomes. Doctors have discovered two possibilities, the first one being a panic attack and another afib also known as atrial fibrillation.

heart rate during panic attack

How to differentiate between afib and panic attack?

During heavy fast heartbeats there can be two types of beating patterns as mentioned below: –

  1. Fast but regular beating.
  2. Fast and irregular beating.

Fast but regular beating: –In this people suddenly feel a rise in heartbeats and experience it in a regular manner by this it means heartbeats will keep on moving fast without any change in speed. If this is your case then you have got a panic attack and you should concern a doctor as soon as possible because this might lead to some serious damage or even a death also. Normally human heart beats 60 to 100 times a minute which is completely dependent on your activity, age, and your fitness. During a panic attack this number gets high and goes to 88 and 100 beats per minute, this sensation will go continuously for half an hour and stop after that but you can’t say it won’t occur again. This can even wake you up from sleep suddenly and you might face breathing problems during this. A panic attack can occur due to some intense pressure, fear or any particular stressful moment which might trigger you, it can also occur if this problem has been in your heredity. So be careful and take proper precautions to avoid this because being alert is far better than being sorry.

Fast and irregular beating: –Here in this type your heart beats will seem as if they are hitting high speeds and slowing down suddenly which will continue further till it comes finally to a normal rate. If this is the case then it is afib for sure because this is the symptom expected here, this type only deals with only heartbeats and there is no emotional aspect involved here like a panic attack and this itself is a point of difference between these two possibilities. Panic attacks occur due to personal experience and anxiety hence there is a scope of automatic subside but afib may not subside on its own without any medication and health. So you should concern an expert doctor as soon as possible so that you could know what exactly you are suffering with.

As anxiety is the prime factor behind such trouble so try to suppress it or ask your doctor to add some anti anxiety routine which could get you through this. Always talk with the people close to you and express your worry, doing so will release your pressure and it will help you out to get a proper solution for your problem. Talking will help you out for sure, if you try to remove the root of your problem then how will your problem even exist. These changes might help you to live a proper healthy life, add some physical exercises to your routine but at the same time make sure that these are not heavy ones. Don’t do it daily, just commit yourself to it for at least 3-4 days a week. So these are some steps to follow and don’t take such heavy stress friends live happy, live long because life has beautiful things to offer so keep smiling and be healthy.