Cancer is a disease in which the cells of a tissue undergo uncontrolled and even sometimes rapid proliferation i.e. there is a tremendous multiplicity and reproduction of the cells, leading to its excess. Tissues help in holding the elasticity in our body. They function as a sort of similar cells appointed to do a specific job. Any break in the systematic function of the tissues in the body may result in serious health issues and in extreme cases, even cancer. If cancer is detected early, it’s a good sign that it can be treated properly. However, bone cancer detection is quite easy. It actually starts in the cells of the tissues that constitute the bone. Bones form the whole structural system in the body. Any dysfunction in any parts can lead to severe consequences.

What are bone cancers and their various types?

Any injury in the bone can be malignant or cancerous. Abnormal growth of tissues in excess can damage the healthy ones in the body. Bones are probably the starting of cancer, mainly caused due to metastasis. However, the basic type of bone cancer that can be detected is osteosarcoma, which originates in the healthy tissues of the bones. Additionally, chondrosarcoma is yet another type of bone cancer that occurs in the cartilage cells. These actually arise because of immature bone tissues inside the bone marrow. Mostly anyone, from the youngsters to the elders can be affected by bone cancers. The bone cancers originate due to certain chemotherapy sessions or radiation treatments, to treat certain ailments. Any abnormal growth of bone cells can lead to bone cancer in adults.

How to Detect Bone Cancer

Detecting bone cancers and its symptoms:

In most of the cases, certain tumors are formed on the bones that can even spread and affect the other organs in the body. There are several diagnostic treatments that are recommended to bone cancer patients that are quite helpful in the long run. Here are some of the symptoms that can help in discovering bone cancers in human beings.

  • Any amount of pain in the body-

Immediate pain in any bone is the first immediate symptom that needs to be taken care of. For example, pain in sitting or walking, during sleep etc. in such cases, no harsh physical activity is recommended.

  • Swelling of different parts of the body:

As the pain occurs in a significant bone, becomes a swollen area within a few hours. Swelling may worsen if there is a discovery of tumors or lumps in the affected bone area.

  • Fractures-

Bone cancers can actually cause a lot of weakness in the bones and in turn, the fracture can occur. Fractures can worsen the health of the individual suffering from bone cancer.

  • Other possible and probable symptoms of bone cancers include sudden weight loss, extremely high fever, anemia

If any of the above signs are recognized in an individual, immediately a doctor should be consulted as it can be bone cancer.

Identifying bone cancer:

Most doctors also go for an enzyme level test. If the enzyme alkaline phosphatize is found in excess in the blood tissues of the body, it can also be a step towards bone cancer diagnosis. CT scans and X-Rays can also help to determine any tumors in the affected bone area. Another way of detecting is by inserting a needle in the bone which is known as an incisional biopsy. The needle once inserted, removes a specific part of the tissues from the bone and its study reflects whether the individual is diagnosed with cancer or not.

Various stages of bone cancers:

After a person has been detected to have bone cancer, it’s not possible to immediately cure him as no such treatment has yet been discovered. The individual needs to go through a process of staging, where the amount of cancer is determined and according to quick action is taken. Basically, there are 3 stages of bone cancers:

  • Stage 1-

Any small spots found on the bone.

  • Stage 2-

Spreading of cancer to different parts of the body and even affecting the organs, especially the lymph nodes.

  • Stage 3-

Spreading of cancer to the heart and lungs and thereby affecting breathing functions.

Effective treatments to cure bone cancers after detecting it:

Cancer is itself a dangerous disease. Its treatment is rather complex and also a costly affair. Bone cancer treatments can be done through various processes. Each process depends upon the stage of cancer. Orthopaedic and even medical surgeons can assist in treating bone cancers. Therefore a careful study of all the treatments is as follows:

  • Operation or surgery-

This is the best way to treat any cancer as the surgeons remove all the abnormal tissues and cells in the body and make way for new tissues to grow back.

  • Chemotherapy and radiation therapy-

This is a costly affair and at least 6 sessions are required to completely treat the patient. Certain drugs are inserted in the bloodstream and its reaction lowers down the abnormal tissues in the body. On the other hand, radiation beams are given to the specific cancer bone that kills all the affected cells, thereby ensuring a step towards healthy progress.

Specific concerns after treating bone cancer:

Living as a survivor patient of cancer is a tough job to do. There has to be a healthy lifestyle maintained and frequent check-ups and appointments to the doctor are mandatory. Even moderate bone exercises are required to keep all parts of the body in perfect shape and prevent the risk of future ailments and other side effects.