Long Term Side Effects Of Radiation For Prostate Cancer

Cancer is one such ailment, the cure of which is still not completely successful. However, with the prevalence of various treatments and better technologically advanced measures like radiation for prostate cancer, there is a wider relaxation amongst the people experiencing the same. Radiation is basically used to destroy out all the harmful and damaged cancer cells, however, at times, it has been discovered that the treatment may end up hurting the healthy ones in surrounding areas too. So, if we talk about the side effects of this treatment, then they are directly related to such areas of the body that are being treated by radiation.

Why is the radiation therapy done on patients?

Your specialist might recommend you to undergo this therapy at various stages of the treatment. This has various reasons, some of which include-

  • The only way to get rid of stubborn cancer, this is done usually in the early stages of cancer; however, it is confined to prostrate.
  • Can also be done post surgeries so as to reduce the overall risk that can lead to returning of cancer.
  • Radiation therapy is also done while combining up with various treatments like hormone therapy, but for more critical cancer getting confined around prostrate.
  • It can also be done by the doctors to end up such symptoms like that of bone pain, which occurs through advanced cancer, which might have extended beyond prostrate.

These were just a few reasons why radiation therapy is done. However, now let’s get too many of yours’ major concern and find out the negative effects of such radiation therapy.

Prostate Cancer Effects

Major long duration side effects of radiation therapy

Long-term issues generally occur after huge months and years of the treatment being done. You may have even forgotten about your cancer therapy after so long, but some problems can jump in from nowhere leading to certain health issues. However, the risk depends totally upon the areas that have undergone the therapy. Some of the most experienced side effects that exist for long include-

  • There is a little risk that can lead to the development of another cancer right inside or near to the area where radiation has been done. This is termed as secondary cancer and it eventually develops because healthy tissues may also get under the radiation therapy and get damaged. However, as technology is enhancing its speed, today the therapies are much structured and well designed to keep away such problems.
  • Men can experience the problem of erectile dysfunction which can occur months after your treatment ends up. However, in some of the males proper treatment can sort out the issue.
  • A lot of men even get sterile after the therapy done for this cancer. In case you wish to be a father in the future, you must talk to specialists well before.
  • Incontinence is another problem that can be seen amongst the individuals. This occurs due to the creation of scar tissue which eventually controls up to the urine flow.

Thus, talk to your specialist in advance so that you don’t have to face any such issues after a long period of your radiation therapy.