The medical science has been a field of perpetual exploration. With changing times and trends, the medicine business has fought out the diseases while simultaneously discovering new ones. The most unusual part is how these diseases have been cured through some of the most used products in daily lives. Until then the human kind was completely unaware of their potential.

Cancer has been at war with biology for so many past decades. There have been numerous findings to decrease the effects of cancer or in some cases, completely cure the patient but science, with all its power has not been able to eradicate cancer completely. However, sour honey has been gaining attention as a cure for treating cancer with potential medicinal qualities being found.

How is honey produced?

The honey is usually made by bees from the nectar. Since most of the water is lost due to evaporation, honey develops strong resistance towards microorganisms and is able to last long. A beekeeper usually takes away the honey before evaporation can take place and as a result, the honey gets a sour taste due to the process of fermentation.

However, that is not what sour honey actually is. The product being advertised is a mixture of saliva of the bee, wax, and secretions of tree buds and saps. This is used by the bees to protect the holes in their hives.

Sour Honey Cancer Cure

Advantages of sour honey

There are a number of health benefits that the sour honey can provide that includes –

  • Fight against microbial diseases such as cold and fever.
  • Prevents the expansion of fungi and bacteria
  • Does not allow parasites to get inside the hive
  • Initiates the lowering of blood pressure
  • Can help as a medicine for allergies
  • Does away with indications of food poisoning
  • Fight against bone-related health issues

Causes of cancer

Cancer in itself is a painful disease and there are a number of ways a patient can get cancer but there have been a few effects that have been noticed in almost all the patients suffering from the disease and are classified as follows –

  • Faulty immune system due to other diseases or old age
  • Bacterial infection, viral infection or Hepatitis virus. It could also be a parasitic or through fungus.
  • Inflammation that is chronic in nature
  • Ulcers that are chronic and are not healing
  • Assembling of toxic substances due to smoking
  • Congenial

Basically, cancer is a result of genetic damage in the cells. This could be through inheritance or acquisition due to unhealthy life choices.

Where does honey come in as the cure?

There has been no proof worthy establishment of how cancer could be cured through honey but with honey providing a resistance to a number of diseases, extrapolating the data cannot really defy the potential of honey in treating cancer.

  • Organic Immunity builder – Intake of honey can result in the birth of antibody which helps in strengthening the immune system. As seen, people with feeble immunity are prone to cancerous diseases and can also have multiple infections at the same which will only increase the possibility of having more active cancer cell. Since honey can increase the body’s resistance to fight these harmful alien bodies, it could have a nascent ability to treat cancer.
  • Anti-inflammatory qualities – Another major cause of cancer where the honey can be beneficial. Even in infants, the application of a paste made through honey and other herbs helped to tone down the effects of inflammation. It is also seen that honey can be a potent cure for dermatitis. Researchers have found the honey to be extremely effective and fast and thus, it is seen as a substance that could help doctors alleviate cancer.
  • Organically antimicrobial – This aspect of honey is deeply studied and researched. It has been found that the effects are much better in an acidic medium than alkaline medium. Also, it has been noted that addition of honey can decelerate that growth of microbes in a bacterial environment. Not just that but honey can also potentially kill some bacteria.
  • Keeps Obesity in check – With the viruses and a weak immune system being talked about, diabetes is also a major reason for inducing cancer cells inside the human. There has been a research that shows that honey can effectuate fat loss and weight loss in the human thereby being a potential curer of obesity and eventually, cancer.

Potent cancer curer

Honey contains a substance called flavonoids. Flavonoids are famous for possessing properties that can fight cancer. This has created a belief system in the world of science that honey is definitely a bet worth placing. With tests conducted on rats and effects noted such as the reduction of tumor cells and eventually the downsizing of the tumor through regular doses of honey, the belief system has only gained more solidarity. Consequently, the area concerning the honey as being a resistance to a fatal disease like cancer is seeing more and more attention coming its way and therefore, has a potential of becoming a breakthrough in medicinal science.

The sour honey and honey both have been providing some great benefits for people consuming them. With the realization of the possibility and early tests result showing great potential, it is not an improbable thought that a substance as regular as honey that is hardly used and was associated with an animal that stung could be a cure to one of the diseases that has been threatening human life for so long.