There are a number of ways to keep your food portions under control. Besides making sure that you have smaller plates, you should also drink plenty of water and eat lots of plant-based foods. Additionally, you should avoid snacking at random times. Following these tips can help you lose weight. Listed below are some of these tips:

Smaller plates

Smaller plates

Using smaller plates to eat has been promoted as a weight loss strategy for years. However, new research shows that this strategy may not actually work as well as previously thought. It may be beneficial for our bodies, but our brains do not respond well to the idea. A modest dinner can look overstuffed on a small plate. In the long run, using smaller plates is not only better for our bodies, it may also boost our mental health, Browse around this site.


Water is a popular diet beverage, but can it really be beneficial for weight loss? Some research indicates that it may help people lose weight, though the connection between water and weight loss isn’t completely understood. Some studies have found that drinking more water leads to a greater amount of fat loss, while others have found that water helps with weight maintenance. While the science behind water and weight loss is mixed, drinking more water can make you feel fuller and help you control your hunger.

Plant-based foods

The benefits of a plant-based diet go far beyond weight loss. A 2003 study of type 2 diabetics found that a plant-based diet helped control blood sugar levels three times as well as other markers of chronic disease. Participants experienced dramatic health improvements, including weight loss, improved insulin sensitivity, and lowered HbA1c levels. In fact, most participants would not have suspected that they had diabetes if they hadn’t been on the diet.

Counting calories

Many people are under the impression that counting calories for weight loss is a good thing, and they want to lose weight. While that may be true, it also can make you lose touch with your body’s natural signals, and you may even end up undereating and undernourishing yourself. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Counting calories is not a practical or healthy way to eat, and it can cause you to make poor food choices.


According to health experts, walking is an excellent form of exercise. Not only does it burn calories, it is also free. And besides that, it has several other benefits, such as improving mood, reducing stress, and improving posture. Walking is also beneficial for the body, as it reduces the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers fat and carbohydrate metabolism. When cortisol levels rise, you have more energy and eat more, leading to weight gain. It also boosts the immune system, since walking involves engaging the entire body, including arms, legs, and head.