A complete breakdown of its reasons and processes to cure this ailment

It’s a mandatory law of nature to maintain a healthy body along with a healthy mind. With good yoga and other workout exercises, one can keep their organs fit and stable. However, along with regular exercises, drinking water is a huge yes. From regulating the flow of urine to blood pressure, a good 8 glasses of water everyday does it all. A typical medical condition that arises due to multiple reasons is the formation of uric acid crystals in the urine. Kidneys normally function by producing and regulating the flow of urine through the entire urinary tract. However, because of dehydration and other abnormalities, there can be small crystal formation in the urine. When one finds it difficult to urinate or feels certain irritation while urination, then that’s the right time to consult a doctor.

Probable causes of the uric acid crystals:

These small crystals are normally detected when there are specific formations of stones in the urinary bladder. Urine is salty in nature and a larger amount of uric acid crystals can lead to acute nephropathy or urate nephrolithiasis. However, a look at some of the causes will give us a quick guide as to what causes uric acid crystals in the urine.

  • Lack of sufficient water intake-

Since water regulates a lot of minerals and vitamins in the body, dehydration can actually cause the formation of crystals in urine. High uric acid concentration in the kidneys can also lead to kidney stones.

  • The PH level in the urine drastically changes-

Normally, urine is acidic and has a pH value which is less than 7. When the value is above 7, it indicates that the urine is too alkaline. Dramatic changes in Ph levels can form crystals in the urine. When too acidic, calcium oxalate crystals are formed while calcium phosphate crystals are formed when the urine is too alkaline.

  • Stones in the bladder-

Urolithiasis is a condition that happens when the crystals are present for a significant time period in the urine. This causes bladder stones. Such stones are very hard in nature and can cause severe abdominal pain.

  • Poor diet-

Too high protein foods can also lead to the formation of crystals. This actually densifies the urine, making it too acidic or alkaline.

What causes Uric Acid Crystals in Urine

Remedies to cure uric acid crystals:

  • Getting an appointment fixed and regulatory check-ups can solve the problems. For severe cases, kidney operations can solve the matter.
  • Managing the urine pH level
  • Regulating the flow of minerals in the body by drinking lots of water and preventing dehydration.
  • Controlling the protein intake in foods.
  • Avoiding acidic foods like beer, sweet potatoes
  • Reducing high amounts of salt intake

Keeping a healthy check on the body:

There is an essentiality to prevent all sorts of urinary diseases because it causes other symptoms like swelling of the legs and joints, nausea, discoloration of the skin etc. keeping a check on the diet and other elements can help in maintaining a good body, free from all sorts of diseases.