If you’ve ever wondered what ProHydrolase is, look no further than this article. This enzyme improves protein digestion, reduces gas and bloating, and helps the body utilize amino acids better. In addition to its benefits, ProHydrolase is gluten free and can be taken anytime of day, between meals. Ultimately, it helps you build lean muscles faster and recover from workouts faster.

Promotes Pre-Digestion of Whey Protein

Promotes Pre-Digestion

The use of whey protein to reduce appetite can have several health benefits. It promotes pre-digestion of food and prevents overeating by stabilizing blood sugar levels. Whey protein helps to prevent the onset of diabetes and improves insulin resistance. It tones muscles and accelerates metabolism. It also reduces the risk of obesity. Whey is considered a high-quality protein for a variety of health benefits.

Reduces gas and bloating

The foods you eat can contribute to your symptoms of gas and bloating. While fruits and vegetables are the most common culprits, many people also experience gas after eating whole grains, legumes, and carbonated beverages. The problem lies in the food’s inability to break down the fiber and sugar, which results in an increased production of gas. Some individuals also experience excessive gas after eating carbonated beverages or foods that contain sorbitol, which is a natural sugar found in some fruits and common in processed foods.

Increases amino acid uptake

Using a proprietary blend of enzymes, ProHydrolase increases the absorption of essential amino acids from protein. This blend has been shown to boost muscle mass and improve the function of the immune system. In clinical studies, ProHydrolase has significantly increased amino acid uptake. The results are promising. Further research is needed to determine whether the supplement will also improve overall protein synthesis.

Increases protein availability in the body

The Alpha prohydrolase enzyme is a class of proteins that catalyzes various biochemical reactions. They are essential for human metabolism and are involved in many mild conditions. Human body is homeostatic, which means that it keeps close control of the concentration, pH and temperature of its internal environment. The enzymes are continuously reacting with their substrates. However, if there are any external factors that inhibit their activity, they tend to decrease their activity.


Although the public safety record for ProHydrolase is favorable, the supplement comes with a slew of warnings. It should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women. While the supplement is safe for people without any known medical conditions, ProHydrolase is also not recommended for people with liver, kidney, or pancreas disorders, or high levels of thyroid hormone.