Loss of appetite or no appetite may generally happen due to unhealthy eating habits, more junk food inclusion in your diet, lack of proper sleep, unhealthy lifestyle and definitely, if you have been sick for a long while. Most of the people undergo a similar problem as they don’t care about themselves in the hurry of life. But what uses is it to work so hard if you cannot take a fulfilling diet that can maintain your health? To keep up a healthy body and make sure you have enough immunity and stamina, a good diet is essential. Here are some of the things that can help you out in loss of appetite and keep you full for a longer duration.

What to Eat When You Have No Appetite

  • Don’t skip your breakfast ever– even if you get no time, understand that a good breakfast is the only way to stay full and be energetic throughout the day. As soon as you wake up, your body requires fuel to function effectively throughout the day. People who have a habit of skipping breakfast usually undergo problems like that of obesity, weakness, lack of enthusiasm and a lot more. So take good and healthy food in the morning so as to keep yourself filled.
  • Eat good protein diet- this is the best way to keep your gut filled. Protein is actually very heavy and makes you feel extremely comfortable if consumed in adequate amount. Include things like oats, dry fruits, banana, broccoli, and soya chunks etc which are good in protein. They do not just help you get a good diet but are the best way to stay fit. Protein helps to build muscle mass and bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts die for the perfect proportion of natural protein. So include a good amount of it!
  • Make smoothing and have them on the go– this is something which you can do the day before or even weeks before for yourself. If you stay extremely busy throughout the day, try to give your whole weekend for the preparation of healthy fruits and vegetable smoothies. They are not just filling for someone with a bad appetite, but contain all of those nutrients that are needed by a body to function well. So after a meeting, while driving to the office, or getting back from work, a chilled smoothie will always do wonders for you!
  • Experiment with food products– it is a common faith that we usually feel attracted towards those food products that appeal to your eyes and sense of smell. A loss of appetite or no appetite may even occur before you don’t dress up and garnish your food well. Try including aromatic food items which are naturally healthy. Moreover, give time in meal preparations and it is better if you cook at home on your own. Bring in various vegetables, spices, and fruits; try to experiment as you never know what wonders can a good trial do for you!
  • Set an alarm and eat smaller meals- don’t keep a habit of eating bulky meals just twice a day. It not just promotes obesity, but also leads to uncomforting situation and acidity throughout the day. If you don’t feel like eating and don’t even remember to eat while you are working, just put up an alarm and let it remind you about your meals. Take smaller meals at least 3-4 times a day and you will slowly build up a habit of doing so.

Well, there are a lot of foods that you can eat instantly like fresh fruits, energy drinks, power bars, but they will never help you as much as these tips would. Including these in your diet will make you fit and build a habit of eating healthy regularly!